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Leap to Victory Dark Prince Vegeta (P-012) [Promotion Cards]
Endless Evolution Broly (P-033) [Promotion Cards]
Vegeta, Powerful as Ever (P-030) [Promotion Cards]
Piccolo, The Strategist (P-040) [Promotion Cards]
Increasing Evil Masked Saiyan (P-029) [Promotion Cards]
Vegito, Here to Save the Day (P-021) [Promotion Cards]
Frieza's Call (BT1-109) [Galactic Battle]
Recoome Eraser Gun (BT1-106) [Galactic Battle]
Ginyu Force Burter (BT1-097) [Galactic Battle]
Shisami, The Loyal Warrior (BT1-094) [Galactic Battle]
King Cold, Father of the Emperor (BT1-091) [Galactic Battle]
Frieza, Hellish Terror (BT1-088) [Galactic Battle]
Energy Power Gotenks (BT1-071) [Galactic Battle]
Slasher Trunks (BT1-068) [Galactic Battle]
Raging Attacker Vegeta (BT1-064) [Galactic Battle]
Friend-Summoning Son Gohan (BT1-061) [Galactic Battle]
Terror Assault Frost (BT1-015) [Galactic Battle]
Son Gohan // Full Power Son Gohan (BT1-058) [Galactic Battle]
Ultimate Judgment Jaco (BT1-048) [Galactic Battle]
Vegeta (BT1-038) [Galactic Battle]