Top 5 ways to dodge spoilers

5. Social Media 

One of the best ways to avoid spoilers would be to avoid social media. All of them. Ether you chill on facebook, want to send a snap, want to look at your friend stories, everything could be a spoiler. You will never know you are about to be spoiled when opening a story. One of your friends could have been spoiled first and decided to avenge himself by spoiling everyone.

4. Filters 

Create a filter. Try to manage the income of information you receive. If you talk to a friend and he’s starting to talk a bit much, stop him. If you see an article start reading only the first line of the title to know if its a safe zone. You can also download some application on google chrome or android that can help you filter some information. They will either let you know that new information has been leak about X thing or it will block said information.

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3. Be quick 

Be quick, be fast, be the first one in line to buy the game, the book, watch the movie or a series. If you look up the thing you are scared to be spoiled about the same day it goes out, everything should be fine. Make a place in your schedule for when the release date is announced. You can also prepurchase everything on the internet as soon as the release date is announced nowadays.

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2. Say goodbye to society. 

You have two choices; either you surround yourself with good benevolent friend or you cut all ties with the world. By being more of a hermit than you already are, you make sure that no information can get yo you. No internet, no phone, no social life. All gone.

1. Focus 

Focus your thought on something else. Do anything that isn't related to what you don't want to be spoiled. Do everything above and keep your mind occupied. Don’t be too curious about other conversations or things you could find on the internet.

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