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Silvally GX Overview: Buddy Brave & Deck Profile Suggestion

Alolan Professor here with the now traditional card countdown starting from now to our upcoming Cosmic Eclipse Pre-release on Saturday, October 19th 2019. 

Cosmic Eclipse comes out on November 1st, 2019, and is believed to be even bigger than the previous meta-changing set, Unified Minds. It’s predicted to have over 50 secret rare cards, which is both a delight and irritating to players and collectors alike.

As an analyst of the game, I tend to look for fun rogue cards or blatantly obvious staples that can potentially stir the metagame.

The first card I would like to review is my personal favorite stage 1 GX: Silvally GX (Aka Buddy Brave).

What’s this card?

Stats on this stage one GX are fairly decent: 210 HP for a Normal type, 2 retreat cost and a weakness to fighting.

What makes this card a contender in our meta?

First of all, the ability! Translated as Disc Reload on Bulbapedia, this ability is a mirror of old Octillery from Breakthrough. Once per turn, you may draw from your deck until your hand holds 5 cards. Older players remember how Octillery was used in many decks as a bench sitter just because of his ability. This card has the blessing to be searchable by Cherish Ball, and Red & Blue Tag Team.

The ability is pretty useful for filling up your hand when it low, but the attacks are pretty good too. For two colorless energy, Silvally GX does a base damage of 50. However, if you played a supporter this turn, the damage is increased by 70, for a total of 120. The last card we saw with a conditional 120 damage attack using only a DCE was Zoroark GX, a card heralded for being one of the best of modern Pokemon TCG history.

There are two things I would like to point out, first being the damage. 120 for one Double Colorless Energy (or DCE) is relatively low damage for our Tag Team big basic infested Pokemon. In this case, Silvally GX does have a way to turn these low damaging attacks into big ones using the Memory item tool archetype. By changing its type, Silvally GX can potentially deal a clean 240 damage to a Pokemon from which he hits for weakness, thus transforming a decent attack into a devastating force.

The second thing is the energy cost itself. Two colorless is low cost and although the DCE was rotated out of standard format since last August, we have a few combination of cards that can get this bad boy powered up quickly: Welder and Fire Energy cards, Triple Acceleration Energy, and Red & Blue Tag Team.

Finally, its GX attack. Similar to that of Alolan Ninetales GX’s (fairy version), if your opponent’s active Pokemon is an Ultra Beast, it is instantly knocked out. Besides this clean effect, there isn’t much to add about it; Ultra Beasts are meta at the moment, especially in decks that utilize Blacephalon GX and the new Guzzlord & Naganadel Tag Team GX.

Now that I’ve talked about the card itself, allow me to slightly speculate its place in the meta. The way this Pokemon card is built, it’s clearly meant to be a support Pokemon that can put in some offensive work should it be required. It’s a poor man’s Zoroark GX, but that point could be up to debate. Following some online research, I’ve found Silvally GX paired up with Flygon GX and Volcarona GX. I would also pair this card with Heatran GX or Magcargo.

Out of the 3 pairings, the one with Volcarona GX sounds like the most synergetic due to the ability of discarding a fire energy to apply 20 damage on an opponent’s Pokemon. This will help mitigate the relatively low damage output displayed by Silvally GX. In addition, both card’s main attack can be powered up using Welder.

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Some good attacks, but can you turbo the card?

The main problem haunting Silvally GX is that as of the next set, there will be no reliable way to get out Type: Null, its pre-evolution stage Pokemon. We have to either draw into it or search it using cards such as Pokemon Fan Club or Pokemon Communication. While it’s safe to say that those options aren’t as bad, we cannot consider the search of Type: Null to be consistent.

Show me the list!

I’ve decided to try my hand at imagining a list of Silvally GX / Volcarona GX (Dubbed Sacred Beasts Tandem) – to get the reference, I urge you to play Pokemon Black and Pokemon Ultra Sun or read about their lore.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional player, nor I suppose that this list is the best list regrouping these two GXs together. I view this list more as a slate that you reader could use to create your own idea of using Silvally GX. Don’t roast the list too hard.


Sacred Beast Tandem (Silvally GX + Volcarona GX)

Pokemon = 18

3x Larvesta (Cosmic Eclipse)
3x Volcarona GX (Cosmic Eclipse)
1x Ditto Prism Star
4x Type Null (Cosmic Eclipse)
4x Silvally GX (Cosmic Eclipse)
1x Marshadow (Reset Hole)
1x Oricorio GX (Cosmic Eclipse)
1x Victini Prism Star


Trainers = 32

4x Welder
3x Red & Blue Tag Team
3x Pokemon Fan Club
1x Rosa
4x Cherish Ball
4x Pokemon Communication
4x Island Challenge Amulet
2x Fire Crystal
2x Lana’s Fishing Rod
1x Adventure Bag
1x Tag Whistle
3x Chaos Swell

Energy = 10

10 Fire Energy


For the Pokemon line, it’s pretty simple. I went for a consistent line of Volcarona GX and a full line of Silvally GX. He’s the star of the show and the Pokemon required to set up and get things going. The other Pokemon choice include Oricorio GX, which draws three cards once per turn if your active Pokemon was knocked out the previous turn. You can just hook up an amulet in there and you get a one prize bench sitter that can help out.

A decent Pokemon to try in my opinion is Victini Prism Star. This choice makes sense since between discarding energy to burn Pokemon and just being KOed, sending energy back in your deck is definitely a helpful solution. It is also a one prize pokemon that hits through Keldeo GX’s Holy Heart ability.

The Reset Hole Marshadow is there to get rid of stadiums when Chaos Swell isn’t in play, (aka Power Plant Killer). Ditto Prism Star is indeed amazing in this type of deck and should be a prime target to get down while on the bench during the first few turns of the game.

As for Trainers, the lineup is pretty self-explanatory.

Energy-wise, I decided to go for 10 basic fire energy cards. This might seem low for a deck that features Welder as a core Trainer, but I do not believe that more are required in this tandem Silvally and Volcarona build.

Here are a few links of videos that might be interesting for you if Silvally GX sounds like an interesting option for you: (Omnipoke) (Rare Candy – Volcarona GX/Silvally GX vs. Gallade)


Here it is folk, my first entry on the road to Cosmic Eclipse. Hope that you found this enjoyable. Feel free to share any of your opinions and comments!

Train On!

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