Road to Pokemon Sword and Shield Base: Zacian V

Good evening people, Alolan Professor here for another invasion file. This time, I wish to write about a very special Pokemon. The first Steel/Fairy type descended from an obscure forest to stop a corrupted chairman from destroying everything through a monster so powerful it takes 2 legendary Pokemon and 4 trainers to put it down. It is the sword King of Galar, Zacian V.

Bow down to the king…

Zacian V is definitely regal. As a basic Steel Type Pokemon, Zacian’s HP is nothing to scoff at, sitting at 220. It has a weakness to fire as expected of Steel-type Pokemon. It sports a new type of resistance, a grass type resistance that increased from -20 to -30. It also sports a retreat cost of two.

Steel typing is very important in this generation in my humble opinion. They have received tank related support in item cards like Metal Core Barrier and Metal Frying Pan and Energy acceleration support in Magnezone from Ultra Prism and the new Item Metal Saucer, which is pretty much a Dark patch for steel types.

Now on to its ability. Zacian V has a fantastic Ability that will see play for sure. Intrepid Sword has the effect of checking the top 3 of your deck, you attach as many steel energies from that top 3 to Zacian and add the rest of the cards into your hand. If you use this ability, your turn end.

This ability is Amazing. Energy Acceleration while ‘’drawing’’ cards is good, really good. Now you’d tell me that an ability that ends your turn isn’t really good after the first turn or something similar. I would normally agree with you, but considering the attack that the Pokemon has, it actually is not so bad. I’ll explain my reasoning once we reach the attack section. This ability will sort of allow the player going first not to lose some set up due to the new turn 1 rules as well as accelerate.

The attack is Brave Blade. A monstrous attack for 3 Steel energies. Does 230 damage and prevent the Pokemon from attacking the next turn. As you can imagine, this is enormous damage. Its sadly still is a two-shot even with something like a vitality band, since while 240 is the start of the tag team range, the only relevant 240 tag team is Pikachu and Zekrom Tag team GX and they sport a Steel resistance, which brings the total down to 220, avoiding a KO. Aside from that, 230 is still great numbers to deal with Basic V Pokemon that will fully take over once the GX and Tag Team GX rotates out.

Besides, with Altered Creation GX and a vitality band, Brave Blade can reach 270, which OHKO stuff like Both reshizards, Snorlax&Eevee (who could come back as strong Pokemon due to the resurgence of evolution-based decks), Pikarom, etc…

There is also the new Galarian Perserker which basically has Diancie’s ability but for steel types. Two of those on the field plus vitality band allows Zacian V to reach the fabled 280, which ko-es Reshirom and ADP.

The reason why I said that its ability works well with its attack comes from the ‘recoil’ of Brave Blade, which prevents the Pokemon from attacking. Of course, one could simply switch it out and back in to re-attack, but with a more defensive approach, the player could just use Zacian’s V ability once more to further gain advantage or set up while he can’t attack.


Got some royal lists for me?

Well, from my understanding, there are two ways to go around Zacian V. You can have it be part of a combo deck, using Perserkers to boost its attack to Tag Team Level damage and call it a day, or go the ADP route, which offers flexibility and intense damage. While I am a huge fan of set-up based deck, I believe that for now at least, the better list would be an ADP focused list and make the Few Zacian V used as tanky as possible, especially with that many fire decks running around due to how oppressively powerful Welder is as an engine. Let’s try our hand at it folks


King of Knights, ADP Style

Pokemon: 9

4 Zacian V


1 Crawmorant V

1 Indeedee V

Supporters: 11

4 Cynthia & Kaitlin

3 Mallow & Lana

2 Professor Research (Magnolia)

 2 Guzma & Hala

Energies: 13

3 Aurora Energy

10 Metal Energy

Stadium: 4

4 Power Plant

Item: 23

4 Quick Ball

4 Tag Call

4 Metal Saucer

2 Reset Stamp

2 Metal Frying Pan

2 Vitality Band

2 Balloon

2 Energy switch

1 Adventure bag


Let’s go over the deck now. Starting with the Pokemon.

Zacian V is the star of the show, we want to have him in our starting hand as often as possible. A full four has maximum odds while essentially nullifying prizing issues.

ADP also is a central piece of the deck, we want that turn one Altered Creation GX if possible because a Turn 2 Ultimate ray could very well spell the end of the game. Of course, if going first, having ADP in front with energy then using Zacian V’s ability put us into a very good position as well. For the two techs, I have chosen Indeedee V, which with her ability essentially gives a 20HP boost to our Pokemon while and Crawmorant V, which 160 Snipe is already a Dedenne GX Killer, which may be relevant if players put more of that card in their deck due to the turn 1 rule change. Its first attack in a pinch can go search combo pieces or relevant items for us.

Moving to supporters, we are using a tag team supporters’ engine. Cynthia & Caitlin here serves as the deck main draw power, as well as a retrieval tool for our supporters in the discard pile while discarding cards, which is oddly synergetic due to the presence of Metal Saucer, essentially making the draw 3 cost-free while potentially be of help to accelerate onto our Zacian V. Mallow & lana is probably the card that I have learned to love and fear during the present metagame. I had scoffed like many others at the card when it was released, thinking it paled in comparison of cards like Cynthia & Caitlin and Guzma & Hala. Now I really respect that card as switching plus healing is very very strong in a metagame where one hit will become rarer and rarer. The Discard 2 cost once again may be very synergetic with our saucers.

Guzma & Hala is basically the card that can allow us to have that perfect turn two or shut the opponent down on turn one. Power Plant, which is one of the crux of this deck will prevent the player going second to go ham with Dedennes and the such which will damper his set up while allowing us to get those energies ready for altered creation and the right tool to fit the situation at hand, while once again discarding cards, preferably metal energy, that we can use to Accel our Zacians. Going second will potentially help us do a Saucer plus energy switch play that will allow us to use that fabled turn 1 Altered Creation GX attack, which put us in a commanding position from the get-go.  Professor Magnolia is our resident discard hand draw 7. Good to include in a deck but not the main priority.

Stadiums are pretty simple to understand. It will stop Dedennes but also decks like Dark Box, Mew3, Silvally GX based deck, etc.

Energies are pretty standard. We want metal for obvious reason, but Aurora Energy has mad potential. Of course, we had a rainbow at first but I remembered that Aurora Energy comes out in the same set, do not damage our Pokemon upon being attached and only has the cost of discarding one card of our hand, once again, very synergetic with what we want to do.

The Items are pretty standard:

4 balls 4 calls 4 saucers. They are our consistency and accel items, we want them in our starting hand and playing them at 4 will gives us the best chance of that happening. The 2-2 split of pan and bands are basically depending on the matchup. If we want more damage, well use the band more. If we are up against a fire type deck, the pan will prevent us from being burnt to a nice and sizzling crisp. Reset Stamp is reset Stamp. Stamp is good, use the card. The balloon gives our Zacian V, Indeedee or Crawmorant free retreat. I cannot stress enough how good having a pivot feels. It eases up play to a point you wouldn’t believe. Adventure bag allows us to toolbox the tool we need for the job, consistency is always nice.

There you have it, folks, the list for ADP/Zacian V. Out of all the list I devised, I believe that this one has the most potential. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I hope to see y’all at Geekittude’s Pre-Release on the 25th of January. Train On. Alolan Professor Signing out.

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