Road to Pokemon Sword and Shield Base: The Legendary Shield, Zamazenta V

Good afternoon players, Alolan Professor here with another invasion file. This time, we are looking at the other legendary Pokemon of the Galar region, representing the shield counterpart. The fighting/Steel Dauntless shield Pokemon itself, Zamazenta.

While we are yet to gain a fighting type Zamazenta card, the steel one is present and it’s quite interesting. Let us see then, the stats of the card featured today.

Zamazenta, the stats:

Zamazenta V is a steel type basic pokemon sporting a beefy 230 HP stat. This legendary pokemon has a fire weakness and a -30 grass resistance. It also has a retreat cost of two, which is great for the use of cards like Ballon, which removes its retreat cost of two. Useful for pivoting indeed

Its ability is pretty decent as well. The dauntless shield prevents damage from the opponent’s pokemon V-Max. It’s solid. V-Max pokemon will become more and more relevant as the generation releases more sets so this ability might become extremely prized. For now, however, being able to block damage from cards like Snorlax V-Max, Lapras V-Max, and Morpeko V-Max is great too.

It attacks for two steel energy and one colorless energy deals 130 damage and discards a special energy attached to the opponent pokemon. Won’t be too powerful right now, aside from removing the aurora energy from cards like Mew3 TTGX, the attack wont be as useful as we would like. However, with the possible release of the twin energy on future sets, this attack will become much more powerful. 130 damage is two-shot on most Tag Team Pokemon at the moment and good damage on non-V/GX pokemon. It is clear that the card was designed to take a hit and slow downplay, rather than being a nuclear weapon like it’s counterpart Zacian V. This card’s steel typing grants it access to many useful cards, mainly in the tank department. The metal googles grant a minus 30 damage reduction and spread protection, metal frying pan removes weakness with a minus 30 damage reduction. There is also the metal core barrier that allows a -70 damage reduction for one turn.


This card coupled with some control option could be very effective, and that is probably the route Zamazenta V will take.


On that note, here is a Zamazenta V list of my creation. I hope it can be the starting point of a creative list using this fan favorite.


Zamazenta, Dauntless Wall


Pokemon: 14

3 Jirachi

3 Zamazenta V

3 Mincinno

3 Cincinno

2 Lucario&Melmetal Tag Team GX


Supporters: 12

4 Cynthia&Caitlin

3 Marnie

2 Mallow&Lana

2 Guzma&Hala

1 BrycenMan&Belleba


Energies: 10

8 Metal Energy

2 Recycle Energy


Items: 24

4 Tag Call

4 Quick Ball

4 Metal Saucer

4 Metal Frying Pan

2 Crushing Hammer

2 Escape Board

2 Ordinary Rod

1 Adventure Bag

1 Evolution Incense


This deck is based on making Zamazenta attack and tank as long as possible. The Jirachi+Cincinno line is to ensure that you can execute your strategy and draw cards while providing a strong base for your deck to start on. Cincinno’s ability to make do can help you discard steel energies to accelerate onto the Zamazenta and in a pinch, your Melcario as well. Melcario TTGX’s main role is to use the full metal wall GX attack which reinforces the tank nature of the deck while slowing down the opponent.

The supporter line is basically us saying that we will use the Tag Team engine for this deck. Guzma and Hala help with searching the tools and the recycle energy that is lurking in the deck, waiting to be used and reducing the metal energy burden that weights on Zamazenta. Mallow&Lana provide healing and sets up for some discard plays. Cynthia & Caitlin is there for recycling supporters while providing some draw power, although that part is minimal comparting to the constant make do happening in the deck.

The thick line of items is there because we need to get them as fast as possible. The player going first cannot use supporters, which means that the opening hand is very very important. Playing heavier counts of cards that we want to see quickly is a good way to ensure that the deck can execute its strategy consistently and with haste.


There you have it, trainers, I hope that you had fun reading the article. Next, I will go over some decks that will have gotten better with the release of Sword and Shield base. Stay tuned for more.

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