How much spoil is too much spoil

When The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the wild was first announced, all of my friends told me that that they didn't want to look at any trailers or read anything about it. At first, I didn't understand why but I did the same and ended up really enjoying the game to the fullest. Recently, I just started playing The Witcher 3 while knowing almost everything and I fund the game really boring now. So, how much spoil is too much spoil to enjoy a game?

Level of spoil

So first there is the level of spoil. Did your friend tell you that this super important character died? Or maybe you just looked at a small trailer showing the next DLC when you still haven’t finished the main campaign. Here are three levels of spoiler.

Minor Spoil

The minor spoiler is looking at a trailer of a new game or a sequel to a game you really like. You learn about the mechanic and the story of the game but only a little bit.

Medium Spoil

The medium spoil is that one friend that tells you that a character died but you are lucky he only remembers that he is important but forgot his name. You heard a bit of the story of the game here and there but managed to shut your ear when the important part was told.

Major Spoil

You simply stumble upon a Youtuber or streamer you really like doing a playthrough of the whole game and couldn't keep yourself from not watching. You know everything before playing the game, even where to find each easter egg hidden throughout the game.

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How does it affect your gaming experience?

Every gamer is different, for someone who wants to play while knowing what he is doing and does not care about discovering he won’t mind any type of spoil. But for someone who really wants to enjoy the game at its fullest, spoilers are horrible.

Nothing is more thrilling than finding the secret of a game on your own. Ether its how to beat a certain dungeon or a certain enemy when you’ve been struggling for hours and hours. When you manage to find the solution on your own; the feeling is not the same then looking it up over the internet.

The same goes for the story. Some games like Beyond: Two Souls or Detroit: Become Human has some incredible stories. You will not experience the same emotions if you play through all of it and live the story alongside the main character then if your friend told you what’s happening. There are some emotions that you can only experience once in gameplay.

Does it affect every game?

Of course, it's not every game that needs to be spoiler-free. You don’t want to up into a game of League of Legend after a fresh update without knowing what’s new. You also don’t want to buy that new expensive game without know what you are getting into. You need to control your income of spoilers.

If a friend tells you about this new game that looks super awesome. Tell him to shut up, take your phone and google the name of the game. Now you can tell him how much to spoil you. Except for mobile game, ain’t nobody is going to tell you ‘’the story of this game broke my heart’’.

When a new triple-A game is announced it’s really hard to dodge spoilers. Many media will have ‘’exclusive gameplay’’ or ‘’Unique information’’ that nobody has. Everybody will be talking about the game. You just need to filter that information.

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Spoil is not a bad thing

Big or small, spoilers are not such a bad thing. Some spoiler will be telling you don’t get too attached to this character and you’ll be thankful afterward. Some spoil will be there to prevent you from buying a crappy ass game. You should always look up information for game by yourself and being fully aware of what you are doing.

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