Has Pokémon Gone too Far?

In the beginning...

At first, the story was about a child wanting to become a Pokémon Master. That’s it. End of the story. There was the Team Rocket there expand the lore of the world. The gameplay was as simple as the story. You learn new attacks by leveling up your Pokémon and there stats increase. The pokémon where simple, you had a rat, a bird, some bugs and all kinds of unique animals. Everyone that played Pokémon Yellow, Red or Blue, knows where I'm going with this.

professor oak

Things started to get crazy

Most people will say that the 3 first generations were the best, some might add the fourth one. But most of them grew up with the anime at the same time and once the fourth generation came in the series most of them had already stopped watching the anime. For me, I think the fourth generation is where Pokémon started going wrong. Even if it’s the game the generation where most of my favorite Pokémon comes from, the games from this time were a bit too much.

First, we had a trainer who wanted to be the best. In the third game, they implemented a big story in wich you need to fight one of the two creative forces of the world. A bit much but okay, Game Freak is trying to implement lore and it’s pretty cool. Then after Kyogre and Groudon, it’s straight to Dialga, Palkia, Giratina. The story of the game where you’re gonna have to protect the world from the Pokémon that can literally alter reality itself. They also introduce the ‘’God’’ of all the Pokémon, Arceus. On top of that, they give us new evolution for Pokémon we never asked for.

And then, the fifth generation arrived. The story was incredible, but the Pokémon…. I mean… I don’t want to fight with my ice cream cone, let me eat it. Everything was there. You had Ice Cream Cone, Samurai, Rock Thing, Chandelier, Blob, and even Snowflake. And that's not all of it. It’s at this moment that Game Freak thought to themselves ‘’let's make everything into a Pokémon’’.

ice cream pokemon

What about the game?

The gameplay almost always stayed the same, with some difference here and there. They needed to adapt the game so it doesn't just become a copy-paste all the time. They also need to adapt to the new consoles. Every gadget you had on your Pokédex in the fourth generation was awesome. They all had their own uses.

In Pokémon X and Y, the fact that you could take care of your Pokémon while in their Pokéball was weird at first but in the end, it is really fun and it can help you grow your team much stronger. They also tried to implement Mega Evolution which was and is still weird. I mean, fans are still having debates today on which is better Pokémon or Digimon and they put a Digimon game mechanic inside the game. And then there was the 7th generation. No gym, No badge, powerfull for nothing attack, interdimensional Pokémon and much more. 

Pokémon is made for everyone. And there is a big community which is all about the competitive tournament. Who trained their Pokémon the best? Who has the best team composition? And who farmed the most to have the perfect Pokémon. Sun and Moon were probably the easiest Pokémon of all the series. There were no challenges. The story was OK I guess. Most of the Pokémon were ugly. The game left me with a big question mark on my face on where is this franchise going maybe it’s time after 22 years to end it.

And now?

The 8th generation is finally here with Sword and Shield. Honestly, I have high hopes for the game. The world is beautiful, the Pokémon aren’t so bad, Gyms are back. They even implemented a raid system. Sure giant Pokémon is weird but, as I said, they need no mechanic to make the game feel fresh. Personally I think this game will put Pokémon back on the right track.




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